Born in the South, living in the West. I don’t sweat the details.

I’m just a girl who loves to cook & entertain friends. I love good food, good wine and great conversation. Although originally from Florida I have called the San Francisco Bay Area my home for the last 18 years. I miss the south but get back to Florida & North Carolina often.

I am always cooking and playing around in the kitchen and if I don’t record what I do I may never remember it again so I started this blog as a personal record for myself and also to share with family and friends. I find inspiration for recipes everywhere and I love when my new issues of bon appetite and Food and Wine arrive-often I will cook everything as it is written and then try and change it up to fit my personal taste. I will always put a link to a recipe I am inspired by on the site so you can go and see it how it was originally written. Sometimes I just make things up based on what I have on hand. I love hearing from my readers so please feel free to comment, even if you are not happy with me or my recipe. I will try to make it better if something does not come out!

I am always experimenting in the kitchen and on my friends. Sometimes with disastrous results (Caramel Cake anyone?) but often with surprisingly good results. My theory is you can’t mess up too badly if you start with great ingredients. I can’t even remember how many times a recipe has gone wrong only to resurrect it in some new and unexpected way. Often my screw-ups have led to some of my best creations.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world.



Serge Kogan

Can’t wait to taste some of that MJ California-Southern cuisine after being exiled for 8 months in the land of potatoes, beets and cabbage!!!


Serge, I was planning on making beets and cabbage for us on Sun!!
Just kidding…thinking more like:
Grilled figs wrapped in prosciutto with blue cheese and balsamic
Fava bean crostini
Grilled shrimp and lemon
wild local argula
more wine
some as yet unknown dessert…
do you guys like all those things?


So this is what you have been up to. Y0u are the real sneaky chef! Love this stuff. So excited! Only trouble is it will not let me post you on my blog roll. Hmmm… still working on it.

Love you!


Hi Charlene. I don’t have a FB site but you can subscribe to my blog and I am on Twitter:-) Thanks for reading.


hey MJ
finally got to your website–looks great!
looking forward to trying a recipe soon
also, mucho thanks for the link to mvm!
will let the brothers know…

grocery manager, beer wrangler


Thanks Chuck;-) I will update it soon, it’s been so long. I really love MVM. Been shopping there for almost 18 years and I feel like you and everyone who works there are friends! Plus I need to come there for the wooley eggs!!!


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