Fast & Fun Chicken Sliders

  Monday night 5 pm. I have just picked up a starving kid from flag football.  He;s behaving as if I haven’t fed him in days, never mind that he had a huge lunch only a few hours earlier. Regardless, the minute I pick him up the barage begins: What’s for dinner?” How long until… Read more »

Brussels & Peas & Pancetta Sauce

I Need Pasta Tonight

It was a let’s cook what’s in the fridge kind of Sunday night. Had a great fun filled sports week-end and spent the day down at Stanford today playing tennis and watching tennis and having an all around great day! At the end of the day I was tired but had food and perishables that… Read more »


Mushroomy, Oniony Crostini Goodness

I needed an appetizer for a party recently. I was in Whole Foods wandering around in a daze trying to figure out what I was in the mood for. That’s when I spotted the Chanterelles. Mmmmmmmm Chanterelles. I love them so much. I had to make something featuring Chanterelles. So these Crostini were born. First,… Read more »


Tomato Pie…Oh Sweet Summer!

Tomato Pie, Tomato Pie there’s nothing quite like it. NO….It’s not a tart, in fact it’s nothing at all like a tart! Tart’s are edited and sleek, Tomato Pie is a hot, sexy mess! I love it. After much discussion about Tomato Pie this summer with everyone from “the ladies who lunch” in Highlands, North… Read more »

Fried chicken breast ready for biscuit.

Get Your Fried Chicken Tacos On

The other day my friend mentioned she was in North Carolina eating fried chicken tacos. I thought “that sounds really good right now, good idea!” and I made my own version. I’m a weirdo who keeps lots of stuff in the freezer just in case I need it. Luckily, I just happened to have some… Read more »


Risotto For A Sad Tummy or Risi Bisi with Carrots Too

Many years ago when I was still living “at home” in Florida as it will forever be referred to, I was extremely fortunate to be able to take some cooking classes in Sarasota with Giuliano Hazan. Wow was I lucky! Marcella Hazan’s son learned directly from the master herself and she taught him well. I… Read more »


Chicken Soup

I needed chicken soup today. I mean needed.  I am pretty picky about my chicken soup and it is something I have been making my whole life. I have a few different versions that I tweak as needed and per occasion. Today called for straight up chicken soup, the kind your grandma would make. So… Read more »


Mushroom Toast

Ok I’ve heard from several people lately that I have really been slacking on the blogging. It’s been hot and I haven’t felt like eating or cooking. Excuses, excuses. Anyway I made a pretty tasty lunch today so I thought I’d stop being lazy and share it. A while back I read a post on… Read more »


Melanie Salad

I love this salad. My good friend Melanie takes Arugula to another level with this salad. Just wash some very bitter Arugula, shave some Pecorino over it and chop up some Marcona Almonds. Dress with lemon juice and oilive oil or a sherry vinaigrette. Add S&P. I can eat this for breakfast, lunch & dinner.


Rainy Day Lunch

It’s a rainy day in Northern California today. I’m not complaining. We need it badly. And it’s nice and cozy and warm in my house. The perfect day for a toasted cheese bread and tomato soup. I had leftover tomato sauce from dinner so I decided to turn it into soup. First I added a… Read more »

  • Mushroom Sauce

    Hi all. Recently I went out with a girlfriend to one of my favorite Italian restaurants. I had a pasta that was so simple and so delicious I had to try and make it at home. It was just fresh tagliatelle with a mushroom sauce. The pasta was not smothered in sauce which really allowed… Read more »

  • Roast Chicken

    I have had a number of emails from people asking me for the recipe for the roast chicken that led to the chicken n dumplings. I first want to say that I have been roasting chickens for 20 years now and this is hands down the most tasty and succulent roast chicken recipe that I… Read more »

  • Get your veggies for breakfast

    I am always trying to incorporate more veggies and fruit into my diet. I love good food and I love slow cooked homemade meals but it’s not always easy or timely to clean, chop and slow cook veggies throughout the day. I do munch on raw carrots but I have to admit I really enjoy… Read more »

  • Chicken ‘N’ Dumplings

    It’s fall y’all. Well maybe not for my Florida friends but here in Northern Cal it’s most definitely arrived. It was so chilly the other night I was ready for a fire. I like comfort food in the fall. Something about pastas and sauces and roasting chickens just warms my soul. So, in that mood… Read more »

  • Ratatouille-Not the movie

    I am really lucky to have good friends who live on a beautiful farm in Sonoma. They grow all kinds of vegetables and flowers on their property. Recently, my friend dropped by my house and brought with him a big beautiful bag of home grown veggies that he and his wife grew out there in… Read more »

  • North Carolina Dinner

    Every summer I spend a few weeks in the mountains of North Carolina in a little town called Highlands. My family has been going there for 20 years to escape the heat of the Florida summer and I usually fly in from California for a few weeks in July or August.  Highlands NC is a… Read more »

  • Dinner Party

    So my friends Serge & Stef are coming in from Russia tonight. I am so excited to see them. We used to get together all the time and cook and hang out and then they moved from Oakland to Russia! Not just a hop, skip and a jump away. Anyway Sege emailed me and said… Read more »

  • Swiss Chard

    When I first moved to the San Francisco area about 12 years ago, I encountered many new foods for the first time. Swiss chard was one of those foods. Having grown up in the south, I was very familiar with greens and the southern ways of cooking them, but my 1st bite of chard was… Read more »

  • Black Cod, Favas & Duckhorn

    So…sigh..I wish I lived on TV. Or at least in Foodnetwork land where you have a minion following you around and re-cooking all the screw-ups to make them beautiful for all the people out there watching. People who think…that’s so easy and it only took less than 30 minutes to make and hmmmm I’ll be… Read more »

  • Zucchini & Carrot Muffins

    Once upon a time in another lifetime I had a job in college making muffins for a high-end grocery store on Beacon Hill in Boston. This job required me to wake up early and work week-ends among other things. I did those things though, because I loved working in the bakery-it was so fun! I… Read more »