Fast & Fun Chicken Sliders

  Monday night 5 pm. I have just picked up a starving kid from flag football.  He;s behaving as if I haven’t fed him in days, never mind that he had a huge lunch only a few hours earlier. Regardless, the minute I pick him up the barage begins: What’s for dinner?” How long until… Read more »

Brussels & Peas & Pancetta Sauce

I Need Pasta Tonight

It was a let’s cook what’s in the fridge kind of Sunday night. Had a great fun filled sports week-end and spent the day down at Stanford today playing tennis and watching tennis and having an all around great day! At the end of the day I was tired but had food and perishables that… Read more »


Mushroomy, Oniony Crostini Goodness

I needed an appetizer for a party recently. I was in Whole Foods wandering around in a daze trying to figure out what I was in the mood for. That’s when I spotted the Chanterelles. Mmmmmmmm Chanterelles. I love them so much. I had to make something featuring Chanterelles. So these Crostini were born. First,… Read more »


Tomato Pie…Oh Sweet Summer!

Tomato Pie, Tomato Pie there’s nothing quite like it. NO….It’s not a tart, in fact it’s nothing at all like a tart! Tart’s are edited and sleek, Tomato Pie is a hot, sexy mess! I love it. After much discussion about Tomato Pie this summer with everyone from “the ladies who lunch” in Highlands, North… Read more »

Fried chicken breast ready for biscuit.

Get Your Fried Chicken Tacos On

The other day my friend mentioned she was in North Carolina eating fried chicken tacos. I thought “that sounds really good right now, good idea!” and I made my own version. I’m a weirdo who keeps lots of stuff in the freezer just in case I need it. Luckily, I just happened to have some… Read more »


Risotto For A Sad Tummy or Risi Bisi with Carrots Too

Many years ago when I was still living “at home” in Florida as it will forever be referred to, I was extremely fortunate to be able to take some cooking classes in Sarasota with Giuliano Hazan. Wow was I lucky! Marcella Hazan’s son learned directly from the master herself and she taught him well. I… Read more »


Chicken Soup

I needed chicken soup today. I mean needed.  I am pretty picky about my chicken soup and it is something I have been making my whole life. I have a few different versions that I tweak as needed and per occasion. Today called for straight up chicken soup, the kind your grandma would make. So… Read more »


Mushroom Toast

Ok I’ve heard from several people lately that I have really been slacking on the blogging. It’s been hot and I haven’t felt like eating or cooking. Excuses, excuses. Anyway I made a pretty tasty lunch today so I thought I’d stop being lazy and share it. A while back I read a post on… Read more »


Melanie Salad

I love this salad. My good friend Melanie takes Arugula to another level with this salad. Just wash some very bitter Arugula, shave some Pecorino over it and chop up some Marcona Almonds. Dress with lemon juice and oilive oil or a sherry vinaigrette. Add S&P. I can eat this for breakfast, lunch & dinner.


Rainy Day Lunch

It’s a rainy day in Northern California today. I’m not complaining. We need it badly. And it’s nice and cozy and warm in my house. The perfect day for a toasted cheese bread and tomato soup. I had leftover tomato sauce from dinner so I decided to turn it into soup. First I added a… Read more »

  • Eggplant Parm…Again

    So I know I’ve posted about Eggplant Parmesan before. But it’s one of my all time favorite summer meals so I find myself making it over and over again, always in search of the ultimate concoction! I’ve deep fried, pan fried and fried every which way you can fry my eggplant. I love fried eggplant,… Read more »

  • Really Simple & Tasty Veggie Quinoa

    Whole grains. We have all heard a lot recently about the benefits of adding whole grains to our diets. I love making quinoa salads and farro salads. Quinoa and Farro are two of my favorite whole grains and they are really my go to’s when I want to add texture and big flavors to my… Read more »

  • Welcome Summer Semifreddo!

    After a 3 month hiatus I’m back. It’s officially summertime and I am so excited! Summer is my favorite season for so many reasons, not least of which is grilling and ice cream time! I always make homemade ice cream in summertime. Sadly my ice cream maker is broken and I have not yet purchased… Read more »

  • Root Soup

    Hi! long time no chat. Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. First, I got this new trainer who is training me to be a badass weight lifter, kind of like Linda Hamilton in The Terminator, so that’s been going on. And really, I’ve been in NO mood for any funny stuff or anyone messing… Read more »

  • Ash Wednesday Shrimp

  • Grilled Chicken Lavosh with Tomato Yogurt

    Tonight when I was making ketchup to go with my parsnip fries I was trying to decide just exactly what I would like to accompany said fries. I was making breaded chicken tenders for Wyatt and I knew I had a beautiful grilled, skinless, boneless breast that I had grilled to perfection the other night… Read more »

  • Soup

    Happy New Year!  It’s still January so I feel like it is still appropriate to say HNY:-) So even though I haven’t been posting this month I have still been eating:-) Tonight it was very rainy, windy and cold so I wanted something warm and nourishing.  I had some beef broth in the freezer that… Read more »

  • Bread and Butter Pickles. Yum.

    Not much to say in this post except, I love bread and butter pickles. I add em to salads, sandwiches, burgers, and pretty much everything. So I just felt like posting a picture of the cute little guys. So there. Go make a tuna sandwich and add some bread and butters. You’ll thank me.

  • Christmas Casserole

    Hello hello! I took the month of November off from blogging:-) Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I can’t believe we are well into December, time does fly. This year for the first time in many years I have decided to throw a Christmas Brunch at my house here in California before leaving back to… Read more »

  • Salad of The Moment or The Best Steak Salad Ever!

    I love salads. That said I am also an extremely picky salad eater. Really there is nothing worse than a bad salad, but a good salad is oh so delicious. Recently I have been majorly crushing on this salad at a local restaurant here in Marin called Il Fornaio. They call the dish Insalata con… Read more »