Rachel Ray Saves the Day!

Due to some recent unpleasantness in my personal life I haven’t been cooking much lately. In fact, this week-end is the first time I’ve cooked in a month! Crazy, I know.

This morning I happened to be cleaning my room and I had the TV on but wasn’t really paying too much attention. FoodNetwork was on. I was fiddling around and only half listening. Anyway Rachel Ray came on. I am not a big fan of Rachel. Rachel the chef that is, Rachel the gazillion dollar mogul of a food empire is another story. Her I am a fan of. I think she is really smart and probably a lovely person, but usually her recipes just don’t speak to me. Someone must be listening though because just look at her amazing success. Occasionally she hits one out of the park though. Today was a homerun day.

I heard her chattering on about a meatless meal and blah blah blah…my ears perked up and I started to pay attention to what she was doing. Today she was making a vegetarian dinner.  Stuffed Zuchinni and something she was calling BLT spaghetti  for butter lettuce, leek and tomato. It all looked delicious. I decided then and there that my mom and I would be having that exact meal for dinner tonight, and boy was it a good choice.

Rachel’s recipes are posted here on the FN website:

BLT Spaghetti

Stuffed Zucchini

I basically followed her recipes. I used a lot more garlic than she did and I used Farro pasta but that is about all I changed.

The meal was so wonderful and so easy to prepare that I will definitely be making it again.

So Thank-you Rachel Ray, the dinner was just perfect.

5 thoughts on “Rachel Ray Saves the Day!

  1. Hey dawn,
    I actually thought ofyou and April when I was cooking this and that is why I blogged it! So tell her to go crazy. She will definitely need to spice it up. I suggest getting some really hot peppers and adding them to the filling mixture.

  2. Hey MJ! Glad to see some new food posts, it always inspires me and gets me out of “the usual” rut. I’m not a big fan of Rachel’s recipes either. Generally, they are a little “low end” to me, but these look good! I think I will try the zuccinni tonight in fact. I don’t think I have ever seen butter lettuce here, but we’ve had a ton of pasta recently anyway. We could definitely use something a little lighter. I wonder what the pasta dish would be like with spagetti sqash instead of pasta? Of course, we don’t have those here either…

    Bon appetit!

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