Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials

There are some basic things I can’t live with out in my kitchen. These kitchen staples are always in my pantry. Some of these essentials are:

Olive oil-can’t live without. I usually have several different oils on hand but at the minimum I like to have a high quality olive oil on hand for salad dressings and last minute drizzling and a regular basic grocery store olive oil that I can use for sauteeing and cooking with.

Salt and Pepper-basically I always have a course sea salt and a fine one. I am a bit of a sucker for buying different exotic salts and trying them out in different dishes, such as the black salt pictured in the photo. I like fresh ground pepper so that’s what I stick with. I usually don’t bother with white pepper for white dishes and just go with the course ground black or mixed peppercorns.

Lemons-Luckily I have 2 lemon trees in my backyard so I never run out.

Redwine Vinegar-I definitely cook with vinegar to add acid in a lot of dishes where you wouldn’t think vinegar belongs. I have lots of different vinegars on hand usually but redwine is a staple. I recently even saw a pie crust recipe that calls for redwine vinegar-can’t wait to try that!

Fresh seasonal produce and herbs-We have amazing produce here in California. I try to stick with what’s in season, like the beautiful heirloom tomatoes pictured.

Garlic-nuthin more to say

Dried beans and lentils-Can make lots of thing in a pinch as long as you have these. Veggie burgers, soup, salads etc..

Pasta-Dried. I love fresh pasta but I always keep dried on hand.

Chickpeas-I love chickpeas and make all kinds of things with them. Hummus, stir fry, salad toppers…

Chocolate-gotta have it.

Those are some basics that I gotta have…

What do you guys like to have on hand at all times?

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