If you find yourself in Sausalito…

If you find yourself in Sausalito…

Yesterday was another gorgeous fall day here in the SF Bay Area. I really love fall in this area. It is warm and sunny but the light has shifted and the days are shorter. You can see and smell fall in the air and it is a wonderful time to live in or visit the San Francisco Bay Area.

I happened to be in Sausalito yesterday taking care of some things when I realized I had a window of time before I had to pick up my son from school. I had finished most of my work so I thought I would treat myself to lunch and a book. Since I was in Sausalito 2 choices immediately came to mind. I decided on Poggio Trattoria though because they serve great Italian food and the atmosphere is what I was in the mood for.

They have sidewalk seating there like many of the cafe’s in Europe and on a beautiful day it is fun to sit outside and watch all the tourists and different people amble by and also catch a glimpse of SF Bay and the sailboats in the background. If you have to be seated inside, that’s ok too because all the glass doors open to the outside and it is a very open atmosphere where you can still enjoy the day.

I started my lunch of with Capesante which is grilled dayboat scallops with mint butter and sweet white corn. The scallops were amazing and there was a hint of smoky oak flavor because they are grilled over oak. I was sitting there thinking about corn, because the corn that was served with the scallops was so sweet and succulent that I wanted to savor every bite when Greg one of the managers stopped by my table to see how my lunch was. We started discussing the corn and how amazing it was and he asked why I didn’t order the Sformatino which is savory yellow corn pudding with cherry tomatoes and basil that was featured on the menu. I told him I had seriously considered it but I went with the scallops instead.

Well, I was sitting there waiting for my next course, the Verdure which is the vegetarian course, yesterday featuring savoy spinach, green beans, summer squash, broccoli romanesco & corn when Greg came over to my table and brought me the Sformatino. He just wanted me to try it and thought i would enjoy it. This dish was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted. It was like a sweet corn cloud. I loved, loved, loved it! It was more like a corn souffle than a traditional corn pudding. I am definitely going to attempt to make something similar to this dish but I think it will take some experimenting on my part before I have a recipe to share.

I love Poggio. The people who work there are always so nice and they really seem to care that you have a nice experience and are enjoying the food. Just the fact that Greg thought I would enjoy a dish and wanted me to try it made my day. Usually you are just another customer in a busy restaurant but little considerate touches can make such a difference in a persons experience,

If you are ever in Sausalito go to Poggio, if only to have a glass of wine and enjoy the view. You will not be sorry.

Sweet Corn souffle/pudding recipe coming soon. In the meantime, go out to dinner.

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