Eggplant On My Mind…

Eggplant On My Mind…

So I have been thinking about eggplant a lot lately. I have been in the mood for it since last week when I stayed with my sister in Tennessee. She had all this fresh eggplant from their garden that was just waiting to be turned into something lovely and delicious. Sadly, I didn’t have time to make anything with it. In case she hasn’t gotten around to it either I am going to post a couple of links to recipes for her.

Yesterday I made the most delicious eggplant dish. It is vegetarian and very innovative. It so funny because when I was in TN I wanted to make fried eggplant balls and then stuff them in a pita with a curried yogurt dressing for a take on an eggplant sandwich. When I got back to California there was a recipe in the paper for Polpette di Melanzane With Sugo di Pomodoro which is Eggplant Meatballs in a thick red tomato sauce. This recipe comes from Bar Bambino in San Francisco.

I followed the recipe pretty exactly as it looked so delicious I didn’t want to make any changes the first time I tried it. The only thing I did change was to use parmesano reggiano instead of pecorino cheese. I only changed this because my dog at the WHOLE chunk of pecorino cheese right out of the grocery bag in the car on the way home. She is a German Shepherd and is very stealthy so I didn’t discover this caper until we were home. I don’t think she’ll ever do that again. Anyway, that worked out fine but I would like to use the pecorino next time as it has more bite. Also, I don’t see why you couldn’t roast the eggplant instead of boiling it if you want to do that. Otherwise this recipe did not disappoint and I think it will become something I make often. It was simply delicious.

If you want to go the sandwich route I mentioned earlier I don’t see why you couldn’t prepare the meatballs the same way. You could add garlic and onions and more herbs instead of the mint and pine nuts and currants the original recipe calls for if you want to change the flavor around a bit.

This recipe for Eggplant Fries from the Hungry Mousethat looks seriously good and worth trying if you want to use your eggplant as a side dish or appetizer. I bet it would be great with a curried aioli dipping sauce.

Here are the pictures from my experience with the Bar Bambino Recipe:

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  • kt
    Posted at 02:36h, 18 February Reply

    Awesome! I want to try the eggplant meatball sandwich!!

    • mj
      Posted at 02:42h, 18 February Reply

      I’ll make ya one!

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