Ooooey Goooeyy Lovely and Delicious!

Ooooey Goooeyy Lovely and Delicious!

The other day I went to the SF Academy of Science with my son. We love going there and we also love to eat there. They have a lot of different options for food including the fabulous Moss Room. If you live near SF or are visiting I highly recommend the Science museum, even if you don’t have kids it is a very fun place to go. Also, they have a lot of nightime events that are fun for adults. But I am off the subject now. The subject is food.

So we were at the museum and decided to go to the cafeteria for lunch. The cafeteria is great because there are all kinds of different choices from tacos to pho and they also have great desserts. We consider dessert to be a very important food group in my household. Anyway, my son chose a meringue cookie with raspberry filling for his dessert. I let him get it but was skeptical. I thought he might not like it but meringue is so beautiful I could see why he chose it. Meringue is simply egg whites and sugar whipped together and baked at a low heat. There are all kinds of meringue cookies and cakes and tarts. My son loved his cookie.

I decided to bake him a cake topped with meringue for a surprise. He loves chocolate so I was looking for a chocolate recipe. I searched around for a recipe I thought we would like and found one on Martha Stewart. The cake was so easy and rich and chocolaty and was flourless which made it even better! The meringue topping was delicious! I had a hard time not eating it all directly from the bowl, it was so beautiful, shiny and tasty. I used very fresh eggs so I was not worried about salmonella, but if you are pregnant I wouldn’t eat the meringue before cooking it.

Also, Martha’s recipe called for bittersweet chocolate but I only had semisweet so I figured what the hell and I used that. It was delicious and made no difference as far as I could tell. There is a tricky part when you are trying to get the cake out of the pan because you have to use a springform pan and to get the cake out you have to lift the pan over the cake and the meringue topping might break a bit. don’t worry about that though because once you take your first bite you will forget all about the presentation and revel in the rich chocolate delicious decadence of this cake.

This would be an awesome dessert to serve for Valentine’s day and it also contains a WOW factor that will delight your guest or significant other. They will be impressed.

The recipe is here:
Martha Stewart Meringue Chocolate Cake

Here are some pictures of what my cake looked like. You can see it is not perfect but the flavor more than makes up for that!

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