Things I like

Things I like

Ever since I was sitting up at 2am with only a dial up ( it’s all they had!!!) to connect to the Internet I have thought that the www would be a game changer for the way people find recipes and think about and dialog about food. I had NO idea. For those of us who love food and love learning what creative ideas other people out there are thinking up there is just no place like the Internet. I love watching the professional Chefs on TV and am addicted to Top Chef and shows of that Ilk and I still love perusing a beautiful cookbook on a rainy day, but the Internet has changed things in so many ways.

Love Top Chef? Go on Twitter and follow Tom Collichio (@tom_colicchio ) Also on twitter you can find Tyler Florence (@TylerFlorence ), Anthony Bordain (@NoReservations), Mario Batali (@Mariobatali ) and many others not as well known to the average TV viewer but rockstars all the same. John Currence (@Bigbadchef ) anyone? And you know what? These guys will actually talk to you. Yep. A while ago I took a survey of what some chefs like to eat as junk food and I queried a few chefs. Actually received replies. No kidding. The internet is a great place.

That said, I love going online and just finding great blogs and recipes from average people like myself. There is a wealth of information out there and you can spend hours finding great ways to cook Vegan, wheat free, dairy free, gluten free delights or just find out where to buy them.

I recently saw an Iron Chef and they were using real Swallow’s Nest to cook with. I had never heard of this so I looked it up. Want to know what Swallow’s Nest is? Click here

And finally here are just some sites I like a lot and regularly go to for inspiration, laughs or entertainment.

101 Cookbooks This is one of my favorite sites and I go here all the time. Heidi’s archives go back years so trust me you will never get bored or run out of things to look at on her site. And yes I follow her on twitter (@101Cookbooks) and yes she has has conversed with me several times and is very open to discussing her recipes and ways they may be fiddled around with.

Sevenspoons Beautiful recipes & beautiful photography

Food52 Great contests and dialog about food. It’s a food community started by Amanda Hesser.

Smitten Kitchen I love this site! Great recipes.

Eat, Make, ReadThe title says it all.

For laughs about family foibles try these MyMommyBites and Finslippy two very different takes on mommyhood. Both valid, both funny both on opposite coasts, LA & NY.

Places I like to shop Include:
The Tyler Florenece store in MV
Mill Valley Market
Love the Ferry Plaza

I like to eat at:
Pizzeria Picco
The Plant

And since I am not posting a new recipe today I will leave you with a great tip that I learned from Tyler Florence on TV. If you want a great latte, just put a pot of milk on the stove and heat it up and then blend with your immersion blender. Meanwhile make some coffee, Tyler used a french press which I use often but often I just brew a pot as well. Whatever suits you. Pour in your hot milk and then coffee and then top with some frothy foam. Genius Tyler, genius!

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