Salad of The Moment or The Best Steak Salad Ever!

Salad of The Moment or The Best Steak Salad Ever!

I love salads. That said I am also an extremely picky salad eater. Really there is nothing worse than a bad salad, but a good salad is oh so delicious. Recently I have been majorly crushing on this salad at a local restaurant here in Marin called Il Fornaio. They call the dish Insalata con Fileto di Manzo. I call it the Best Steak Salad Ever!
I decided to recreate it at my house.

First you will need some nice filet mignons. Season them liberally and throw them on your grill. Each salad portion gets a whole filet mignon so you need a steak for each person you plan on serving. Notice in my picture I am grilling 3 steaks, right, those are all for me!

Once your steaks are cooked it is very important to let them rest for about 10 minutes or so on your board so they will be very juicy. I like my steaks pretty rare so don’t be shocked when you see the picture of my salad. Grill your steaks how you like em.

For your salad you will need:
Really good Arugula. (In California we get wonderful arugula but if you don’t have great arugula in your part of the world use Mache or some other slightly bitey green.)
Small amount of cooked couscous. Each portion size gets only about 1 TBS for texture.
Capers or Caperberries
Red Onion
Raisins or craisins
Shaved Parmesan or Asiago
For the Dressing
1/3 cup red wine vinegar
3/4 cup very good olive oil
1 TBS grainy mustard
1 minced garlic clove

Emulsify your dressing. Mix all salad ingredients together in a big bowl and dress. Portion out salads on individual plates. Slice your wonderful juicy filet mignons and place on top of each salad. Serve and enjoy.

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