Yummy veggielishous

Happy New Year!  It’s still January so I feel like it is still appropriate to say HNY:-)

So even though I haven’t been posting this month I have still been eating:-) Tonight it was very rainy, windy and cold so I wanted something warm and nourishing.  I had some beef broth in the freezer that I made a couple of weeks ago. It was from a great recipe that you see here.

So all I had to do was heat that up and doctor it a bit.

First I added half a yellow onion with the skin still on, half a lemon, some say sauce, a pinch of sugar and a whole peeled carrot. Got that simmering on the stove.

Then in another saute pan I added 2 large cloves of garlic that I had thinly sliced to some hot olive oil, then I added Bok Choy, sliced shitake and button mushrooms, 1 leek sliced and some S&P. Sauteed  that up for a few minutes while I was cooking up my soba noodles in some salted boiling water.

Finally, strain your broth to remove onion and other veggies. Save the carrot and slice it up for the soup. Combine all veggies, noodles and broth in a large bowl and enjoy.


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