Grilled Chicken Lavosh with Tomato Yogurt

Grilled Chicken Lavosh with Tomato Yogurt

Tonight when I was making ketchup to go with my parsnip fries I was trying to decide just exactly what I would like to accompany said fries.

I was making breaded chicken tenders for Wyatt and I knew I had a beautiful grilled, skinless, boneless breast that I had grilled to perfection the other night just waiting for me in the fridge.

I was following the recipe for the ketchup and when it was time to take the tomatoes out of the oven for the 2nd step of the roasted tomato ketchup I had an idea for my dinner.


When the tomatoes came out and I saw all the wonderful juice they had produced while roasting I knew I had to use that juice and not waste it.

I had made a roasted tomato and garlic sauce yesterday so I had some of that left. I had greek yogurt, beautiful tomato juice, lavosh, red onions and grilled chicken. A tomato yogurt with sliced chicken breast and red onions sounded like the prefect accompaniment to parsnip fries and homemade ketchup.

Basically I mixed 2 tbs roasted tomato sauce ( Roast 2-3 plum tomatoes + 2 cloves garlic in olive oil till carmelized then puree), 2 tbs greek yogurt, S&P and the juices from your roasted tomatoes. Now you have a nice low cal sauce to top things with. Spice up anyway you like.

The dinner was yummy and satisfying and I didn’t feel guilty. The parsnip fires are fabulous and I will definitely be making soups, sauces and more out of the roasted tomato ketchup.

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