Pancakes for Breakfast

Pancakes for Breakfast

Wyatt & I love making pancakes for breakfast. We always make our own mix and do not use a box mix. It’s so easy and only takes a couple of minutes to mix up your own. And it’s fun. The easiest and most reliable recipe I use is this Sunday Pancakes recipe.

I like that recipe because it so forgiving. Today I did not have buttermilk. Or milk. But I did have half n half and lemons so I just mixed up 1 cup of half n half with about 1 tbs lemon juice and let it sit for a few minutes until we had buttermilk. Problem solved.

Wyatt likes to participate and this is a fun way for us to cook together.

We often use clarified butter or ghee rather than oil to cook our pancakes in because it has a higher burning point than regular butter but you still get that delicious buttery flavor in your cakes.

Wyatt likes to take a different approach with his pancakes. He goes for the chocolate chip flavor.

He likes to add a lot of choc to his pancakes and I figure if your going to do it you might as well go all the way! Add a little powdered sugar and they are perfect.

I personally like to top mine with fruit. Today I opted for banana’s.

Don’t forget to warm the Maple Syrup!


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