Last Minute Udon

Last Minute Udon

u·don  (dn)


A thick Japanese noodle made with wheat flour, usually served in soup or broth.

[Japanese, wheat noodle.]




I like soup. I love udon. Last week I found myself at home and hungry for dinner. Had no idea what I was going to make. A quick survey of my fridge and freezer yielded:

  • A variety of mushrooms
  • scallions
  • garlic
  • homemade lemon-chicken broth
  • udon noodles


So with these few ingredients I knew I could whip up a quick and delicious dinner in no time at all. And the bonus was it was vegetarian so YAY for Meatless Monday!…You could very easily add some chicken or beef though if you wanted to make this udon even more hearty…I won’t judge!

First I did a rather rough chop of my mushrooms, leaving them kind of big and chunky, because they are so meaty and flavorful and I like to get big bites of ‘shroom. So that’s how I do it.



Then I sliced some garlic real thin and chopped some scallions and sauteed those along with the mushrooms in grapeseed oil. If you have some fresh ginger that would be nice to add here also.


While your veggies are sauteeing boil some salted water. I like to add a lot of salt because this gives the noodles flavor. You can buy Udon Noodles at many places these days and they really only take a a few minutes to cook.

I usually have homemade stocks and broths frozen on hand. To make my lemon broth I saute some shallots in olive oil or grapeseed oil and then I add homemade chicken broth to that and squeeze some meyer lemons into the broth, I do this by taste so I don’t have an exact formula.

So at the end combine your broth, veggies and noodles in a big bowl and if you like, add some Tamari sauce for more umami and you are good to go! A lovely and delicious quick go to that you will really enjoy!

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