Arugula & Shallot Mayo

Arugula & Shallot Mayo



As has been discussed on this blog before, I like Mayonnaise, a lot. Bust sometimes I want to jazz my sandwiches up a little more than adding just plain old mayo. So on those days when I’m feeling the need for excitement I like to make compound mayo’s.

I do not go all crazy and make my mayo from scratch but hey feel free to do that if that’s your thing.

What I do instead is usually chop up some herbs and spices and add them to my store bought mayo. If I was in the South I would use Duke’s but we don’t get Duke’s out here in Cali so I use BestFoods.

Today I made arugula and shallot mayo to put on turkey and cheese or roast beef sandwiches.

I chopped up some shallots really fine and then chopped up some arugula. Added those to my mayo and then added a generous amount of salt & pepper. The arugula is really good in here because it has so much peppery bite. I love this spread on all kinds of sandwiches and I like a lot of herbs so it’s more herby than mayo’y.


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