Rainy Day Lunch

Rainy Day Lunch


It’s a rainy day in Northern California today. I’m not complaining. We need it badly. And it’s nice and cozy and warm in my house.

The perfect day for a toasted cheese bread and tomato soup.

I had leftover tomato sauce from dinner so I decided to turn it into soup.

First I added a little butter and olive oil to a stock pot. Then chopped up half a white onion and added that. There was already slivered garlic in the tomato sauce so I did not add any more garlic. Simmer the onions on low heat until just translucent.



Next add your tomatoes to the onions and stir until combined. Then add some water or broth and simmer for a bit and basically you’re done. At this point I added a bit of salt and pepper and a squeeze of 1/2 a lemon to make the soup flavors really pop. But you can skip that step or if you want you can add some pimento, or crushed red pepper. Also you can leave the soup as it is with nice chunks of tomato and onion or you can blend for a smoother soup. Your choice.


For my cheese toast I sliced a thick slice of whole grain bread and put under the broiler on both sides to toast. Then I rubbed it with a clove of garlic and topped with swiss cheese and put it back under the broiler for a minute or so. Done.

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